Walter Scott and Dandy Dinmont Terriers

«He evolved from the Scottish hillside,
the grey mists forming his body,
a bunch of lichen his topknot,
crooked juniper stems his forelegs
and a wet bromble is nose».

Sir Walter Scott



Dandie Dinmont Terrier




My love - Dandie Dinmont terrierTell me, how many times have you seen Dendies in the street)? I think the majority answer will be 0! Therefore, I will begin the continuation of my eulogy on this breed from history.
Who knows, chur do not prompt)) remember, we were talking like that in our childhood, but in this situation I ask you to prompt, since there is not much information and everywhere it is the same) And so I'll start!
Part1.


My love - Dandie Dinmont terrier   My love is now divided between two breeds. Everyone who knows me for a long time, remember that my rottweiler is everything. 5 years ago she entered my life - not a big dog, long, with a nice head in a fluffy hat and everything else, I lost my peace!
PartII.


My love - Dandie Dinmont terrierToday, Dandies has not lost the charm of his ancestors, only slightly changed his mission. A magnificent companion, affectionate, faithful. Even with its small size, which is very deceptive, brave and fearless. He is always ready to protect his master and his family! Dandies Dinmont has a pathological love for children.
Part III.

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